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what it means to be offbeet 

 OFFBEET was created by self confessed foodie Peter Axworthy. Peter spent most of his life not eating plant based and when he made the switch he became obsessed with finding ways to break the vegan food stereotypes and focused on satisfying the taste buds of other non-vegans. Encouraging others to choose a plant based meal from time to time is Peter’s form of gentle activism and his vision to get people eating more veggies and seeing plant based as a modern cuisine.

product range

We wanted to create a range of products to compliment your cooking and help you elevate your creations. So now you can make your own plant based cheese for that perfect pizza or bake the perfect brownie but change up the flavour. Make the creamiest tofu scramble for breakfast or sprinkle your home-made ravioli with OFFBEET almond parmesan.  

Our Gallery

OFFBEET is about incredible flavours and food made from scratch. Take a look around the dishes we create at our restaurant and deli. We hope you feel inspired! 

what is offbeet?

OFFBEET was born from an obsession for food. The type of obsession that becomes your life. It’s all about bold beautiful flavours, visually stunning dishes and a food experience that leaves fond memories.  


The OFFBEET deli was brought to you by Peter & Vicky. Both have mountains of foodie experience and more importantly passion for everything plant based. They don’t believe in preaching, they believe in feeding and that through great food we can all come together. 


Peter Axworthy

Peter Axworthy


Peter is the founder and CEO of OFFBEET Limited, he opened the first restaurant nearly 6 years ago and has since grown the brand to include a cookery school and deli. Peter is also the Head Chef and driving force behind the food created. 

Vicky Allen

Vicky Allen

Deli Director / Co-Founder

Vicky joined OFFBEET nearly 3 years ago as the restaurant manager. Vicky has helped manage many projects within OFFBEET and played an important role in quality control. She also creates and bakes cakes and now manages the deli too. She is both a major foodie and animal lover!



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If you would like to collect your Deli order, please get in touch to arrange a time. Collections are currently only available from our restaurant:

The Retreat, Lyndhurst Road, Hinton
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