Coconut bacon flakesCoconut bacon flakes

Coconut Bacon


These flakes don’t only add incredible bacon like flavours to any dish but also an amazing chewy and crunchy texture. Try them as a topping to pretty much any meal!


Our coconut bacon flakes don’t only add incredible bacon like flavours to any dish but also an amazing chewy and crunchy texture. For sure, you can happily snack on these out of the jar but we sprinkle these onto charred corn, add to the top of Mexican rice, Spag bowl, Mac n Cheeze or add to stir fried Brussel sprouts at Christmas to make all our ‘bacon’ dreams come true! If you’ve been looking for a plant based alternative to bacon without the faff or just love bangin flavour then our coconut bacon flakes are one too try!

Cooking process: Not only do we slow bake our coconut flakes in a rich bacony glaze. We constantly turn and mix the flakes every 5 minutes during the process to ensure complete coverage and maximum taste. Its hard work but its so worth it. We also marinate them well before cooking to let them soak up as much flavour as possible. This ensures a flavour hit and an incredible crunchy and chewy texture that enhances a multitude of meals. Not only do they pack the punch, they are ready to eat cutting down on cooking time. But above all coconut is highly nutritious therefore they are a healthier substitute to bacon. It’s a win win!

Top tip: Pair with our Pancake mix! Once your light and fluffy pancakes are made, pile them high (we don’t judge) and drizzle with maple syrup and a sprinkle of ‘bacon’ flakes, no cooking necessary as these bad boys are ready to eat and you have yourself an epic treat. You deserve it!

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Once opened no need to refrigerate and consume within 3 months.

Produced and packaged by OFFBEET, Jacobs gutter lane, Totton, SO40 9FX,

Additional Information

Weight 90 g

Coconut Flakes, Tamari, Maple Syrup, Corn Oil, Liquid Smoke (Natural Hickory Smoke Flavour, Vinegar, Molasses, Caramel Colour), Salt, Smoked Paprika


Contains: Soy, sulphites and produced in a kitchen that handles nuts, gluten and other allergens.


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